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Pet lovers already know that their beloved animals make a positive difference in their lives. Pets are great company, enjoyable to cuddle with, often funny and entertaining, and so, so much more!

Yes, it is a big responsibility to have pets, but the return on your investment is huge! Pets provide happiness, fun, love and loyalty. Plus, they are often so darn cute! They rarely talk back, will never criticize you, and are always happy to see you even if you are in an awful state!

The bottom line, pets contribute a great deal to their owner’s well-being…

When we get stressed out, they can remind us of what is most important just by spending time with them. Playing with a dog or cat can help us be in the moment, instead of worrying or thinking too much about the past or future. When we caress our furry friends, we release feel good hormones and become more relaxed. Feeling more relaxed is wonderful!

Pets help people combat loneliness. A warm and furry buddy is one of the best companions we can have next to humans. Besides, taking care of a pet can also help us forget about our own troubles. Forgetting our troubles sounds good to me!

If you own a dog, you will likely be more active because your dog will need exercise. This will also possibly provide social interaction with other people as you walk your dog around the neighborhood. The exercise you give your pet will benefit you! It will benefit your muscles and heart among other body parts! Your mind too!

Love, love and more love! Probably the best medicine of all! You will have more love in your life, to give and receive.

We know all about the benefits of pets! That is why we have comfort dogs at The Toothery. They are specially trained, adorable, cuddly dogs that sit nicely on your lap while you are having your dental exam and any other procedures done at our office. We want you to feel good and relaxed when you are in our care! Let Dr. Jess’s pets be your medicine while in our care!