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A winning smile is often the key to a self-confident social life. If you’ve lost a tooth in your smile to untreated tooth decay, treatment extraction, or some form of oral trauma, it can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Beyond hampering your self-esteem and impairing your speech, it can also make it difficult to efficiently bite and chew food. As time goes by, the void could even cause orthodontic alignment issues with the neighboring teeth.

One of the most effective methods for preventing these complications while restoring the tooth’s presence in your smile is to have Dr. Bertoglio install a dental implant.

This includes a minimally invasive oral surgery that involves an incision being made in your gums. Then, a small hole will be drilled directly into the bone and a titanium implant will be screwed into place. In time, the titanium implant will integrate with the surrounding bone tissues to create a firm anchor point for a dental crown.

Once all the tissues in the area have healed, your dentist will apply a dental crown, which will be crafted for your individual dentition, giving your smile a complete restoration.

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