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What are you up to today? Anything special? Or just the usual things?

Sometimes we would benefit from spicing life up…getting out of our typical routine and doing something different. Something little, even buying a bouquet of flowers, taking a different route to work, trying a new food, or taking a moment to get some fresh air and look at the beautiful sky.

Changing our routine can be very powerful. It can add spice to our day.

What’s cooking for you today? How can you spice it up? I challenge you to do something different today.

At The Toothery, we love to spice it up. We have fun at our office too. A patient commented last week that she feels The Toothery is a fun place to be. Laughter could be heard coming from the dentist and staff as she remarked. A child came into the office around the same time and wanted to go look for Cole, our comfort dog, right away. He seemed happy and excited to be in our office in part due to Cole.

Doing things differently than the norm is important to Dr. Jess.

She wants her patients to feel at ease and relaxed. Our office atmosphere is like a spa, complete with a waterfall, a coffee bar (tea and hot chocolate too), Netflix, weighted blankets, comfort dogs, a kind staff, and more.

Dr. Jess also continuously invests into leading edge technology and furthers her education.

Placing implants is one of her specialties.

We offer same day crowns and onlays thanks to our Cerec technology.

A Cone Beam CT unit in-office too.

All this and more, enables patients to have many of their procedures done in just one visit and or in one place.

Healthy teeth and gums along with her patients’ satisfaction mean everything to Dr. Jess. That’s what she’s got cooking at The Toothery. She does it with her own style, her own spice and that keeps patients coming back for seconds and thirds!

Are you due for your check-up? Give us a call and add some spice to your next dental visit.