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This is an interesting question to ask yourself. It can help us get a better handle on life.

If you could do what you really wanted, what would that be?

It gets us thinking about what is most important to us. Of course some people may think silly or outrageous thoughts, even so they may provide some insight.

After you answer the question thoughtfully, read over your answer.

What does your answer tell you about yourself? What are you doing that is in line with what you really want? What are you doing that keeps you from what you want? Perhaps on some level, you are doing what is important to you but are distracted by other things in life?

Give yourself some time to process your answers and what they mean to you. This is your life. What do you want for yourself? How can you move toward it? How can you focus on what matters most to you? BTW … Dr. Jess loves helping people and dentistry. It is her passion in life. Come feel what it is like to be treated by a dentist that truly cares.