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What do we remember most about life events?
What do we remember most about the people we meet?
What do we remember most about the people we love and care about?
What do we remember most about people and events (things even) that had a negative impact on us?

Our feelings! How we felt seems to stick the most. Yes, we may remember what happened, where we were, and what the person looked like, but most of all, how we felt or still feel about it or them lingers most.

Being an art lover, I can picture to some degree art that has moved me in my mind’s eye, but more than anything, I remember how it inspired me and made me feel. Equally, I can recall how some art has disturbed me, although I cannot recall the entire visual content, I do remember how it made me feel. How I felt is most apparent in my memory. The same thing regarding movies too. Music as well. I imagine for a lot of you too.

Think about it for a moment, reminiscence about people in your life, events, circumstances, etc. It is very likely that you recall how you felt more than anything else. Right?

There is an important lesson in this for all of us to remember. How people feel, how we make people feel, how people make us feel leaves a lasting impression. And, this impression may be significant.

As we go about our daily lives, it is important for us to realize that we can make a positive difference for one another. We can help each other feel good and make a positive impression on one another. Plus, this impression may be more lasting and impactful than we may ever realize.

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