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Do you have swollen, red, tender gums? You may have chronic gum disease that requires a treatment called scaling and root planing. According to the Journal of Evidenced-Based Dental Practice, this procedure is considered to be the “gold standard” of treatment for patients with periodontitis. Basically, it’s a deep dental cleaning for your gums.

As you likely know, two major aspects of gum disease are gum recession and those “pockets” that form in your gums, which leave your teeth’s roots exposed and give bacteria, plaque, and tartar good places to hide. Scaling removes all these hazardous substances. Root planing smoothes out rough areas on the roots of your teeth, which keeps bacteria from being able to cling to them again so that your gums are able to regenerate over the roots.

Scaling and root planing may be uncomfortable, as with gum disease your gums and teeth can become very sensitive. We will use an anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

After your gums have had a chance to heal, Dr. Bertoglio will want to see you for a follow-up visit. In most cases, your gums will heal nicely. However, in some advanced cases, patients may require surgical intervention to further treat the periodontitis. After any major treatments are concluded, you will need to come in for periodical maintenance visits for routine cleanings and exams.

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