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What is on your plate?

What kinds of foods are typically part of your daily diet?

How are you feeling physically?

How is your energy level?

How do you feel emotionally?

What you put on your plate might be related to your answers?

Along with what isn’t on your plate.

Food, whether healthy or unhealthy, has an impact on our wellbeing. Our bodies need proper fuel to run effectively.

We keep our cars properly fueled and our phones charged for daily use. What about you, your body?

Are you giving your body some loving or are you running on empty?

Take some time to learn about what you eat, educate yourself about nutrition, do some research, and read food labels.

Eating healthier just might be the edge you are looking for in your daily life.

Your body deserves proper care and maintenance. Quality fuel too.

What is on your plate? Add some good nutrition and find out how good you can feel!

(A Toothery reminder: a calcium rich diet is good for your teeth and consuming less sugar is very helpful too. Drink water instead of sugary drinks.)