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Does expectation influence what we actually experience and feel in our daily life?

On some level, it certainly does…

Have you ever been in a car with someone who tends to get angry at other drivers? Or maybe you are the one who exudes anger while driving? One can easily imagine our self or another looking down the road predicting and expecting another driver to do something careless or stupid. For example, go too fast, cut someone off or fail to stop, etc. It is an expectation that a person will irritate us and, well, it surely happens. We are rarely disappointed.

Of course, we do witness some bad driving on the road, this is true. However, our expectation lends itself to upping our aggravation level. In effect, we are anticipating something not-so-pleasant. We are looking for it and we likely will not be disappointed.

Now, what would happen if we expected our ride to be a better one, if we focused on feeling good while driving our cars? How might this change our mood while driving our car? People will still drive as they would, but if we are putting our energies into feeling good despite other people’s errors, how would we feel? Better, right?

If we change our expectations and focus our energy toward a more positive perspective, we will feel better. This simple philosophy can be used in many situations and circumstances to feel better in our daily lives.

What expectations do you have about today? What can you expect and focus on to make today a more pleasant experience?