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Are you getting ready for school, going to work, and or running errands?

What is on your agenda today?

Are you planning anything fun? How about something relaxing? Any activities that you enjoy?

What awaits you today?

Many of us have work to do of some kind or another. Right? A busy day is pretty typical for most of us. And let’s face it, we likely made little time for pleasure and relaxation unless it is our day off. Even then, we still have lots of responsibilities to fulfill.

Humans are creatures of habit as we all know. Often, we operate on autopilot too. Too many of us don’t allow ourselves to take a break from our busy days too.

Setting the stage for a more pleasant and smooth flowing day is within our reach. It can be as simple as taking five minutes imagining what we would prefer our day to be like. Taking some deep breaths for a few minutes, multiple times, and engaging the present moment at the same time as we move throughout our day can make a positive difference as well.

Answering the question, what awaits you today with a different viewpoint in mind sets the stage for a better day too.

Something along the lines of this can help us through our day…What awaits you today?

Feeling good about myself. Taking the time to appreciate those around me. Embracing what the day brings and moving through it with joy in any way that I can. Being mindful instead of just being habitual or on autopilot.

This can make a great difference in our day. Try it. Remind yourself throughout the day of what your new answers are, with your new viewpoint in mind.

Have a great day, really, you can!

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We’ve got you covered! We specialized in comfort, ease and even pleasant. Hey, dentistry is no exception to experiencing a great day.

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