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Stop cavities from damaging your teeth with the use of dental fillings. A standard dental filling is placed in a tooth after the decay or debris around a tooth has been removed from the cavity. Dental fillings also help prevent cavities from returning. When choosing the perfect type of dental filling, strive for dental amalgams or composite fillings.

Composite fillings, also commonly referred to as tooth-colored fillings, are typically designed to fix and repair small and medium-sized cavities. In some cases, composites can fix cavities that ate far too small for dental amalgams to repair. Composites can also be color-matched to your teeth and applied multiple times over without removing the original, in the event they should fail or become damaged.

Dental amalgams use extremely durable metal materials to fill in the tooth and prevent future cavities. Mercury is used as a binding agent, which many people may choose to avoid. In addition, dental amalgams do leave a metallic shine after placement, but they are extremely effective at repairing large-sized cavities.

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