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Imagine a life with far less worry and far more peace. A large amount of our worries and troubles are linked to a lack of trust. Trust in others, trust in life, and trust in ourselves.

And perhaps most of our discomfort and comfort lies in whether or not we trust ourselves. Take a moment to think about it. When you trust yourself, you feel confident and at ease…aren’t you truly trusting yourself in these moments? Your abilities, knowledge, and experience. You know you can do or accomplish whatever it is that you are contemplating or doing.

When we trust ourselves, we move more naturally. It takes less effort and isn’t such a challenge or hardship. We feel more peaceful. When we don’t trust ourselves, we all know how it feels. Obviously, it is not as pleasant.

Life can take a toll on us as we all know. This, too, can greatly impact our ability to trust. Learning to trust ourselves can influence our life in a positive way. We cannot change what has happened and what others have done, but we can help ourselves.

Next time you are feeling some worries or troubles, maybe it is linked to trusting yourself in some capacity. Maybe reminding yourself that you will do your best and trusting that will be enough, will help you feel better and allow you to let go of some of your worries.

Trust that you will do what you need to do and that is more than enough. Trust your abilities, knowledge, and experience. Trust that you will figure it out.

While we are on the subject of trust…Building trust is important to us. Your ease and comfort matter. Come find out why our patients enjoy being in our care. The Toothery makes a visit to the dentist a pleasant one!