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Summer is ending and fall is in the air. Trees are ever so slightly beginning to change along with the temperature and length of daylight. A time of transition is surely here.

Many people are solemnly thinking about winter lingering in the background, and many people are excited about all that fall has to offer: pumpkins, Halloween, colorful foliage, Thanksgiving, and hot apple cider. And of course, pumpkin spice everything! One thing for sure, nature is changing, whether we embrace it or not.

Change and transition can be a challenge for most of us as we cling to what we love. Especially when looking beyond seasonal transitions. Sometimes we are content with what is and or fear what will be. Everyone experiences resistance to change regarding some aspects of life.

As you move through the transition of summer into fall, savor what you love and enjoy, be grateful and thankful. Look forward to what lies ahead, and look for the sunshine even though it may not feel like it is enough. Embracing change in whatever way possible helps us move more smoothly through it. There is much to be grateful for if we open our eyes to see it. Apply this same line of thinking to the bigger changes in life and you may be surprised by your ability to embrace them.