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All is cold, dreary and often not so bright. Winter is upon us.

It sure is hard to resist the temptation to feel the need to withdraw and hibernate at times.

Fortunately, the days will soon be getting longer, although the temperature will be dropping.

Today is the day to remind ourselves that we can feel good despite the shorter days and dropping temperatures. Instead of succumbing to withdrawing, we can reach out, move around and or participate in life in a new way.

Let’s do our day differently. Change things up just for the sake of change.

Here are some suggestions…

– Keep a smile on your face especially when it’s hardest
– Let yourself make mistakes
– Do something fun that you typically don’t do
– Try a new food or drink, not the same old thing
– At least three times today, look around and appreciate what you have
– Help someone else feel good, in particular someone that gets
under your skin

Of course, you can think of at least a few changes to make too. This is the day to feel good! To renew and do life a bit differently.