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“At The Toothery, our mission is to provide ethical dental care guided by faith, integrity and kindness. We use leading edge technology while striving at all times to maintain the human element. We aim to create a happy and unique setting for the comfort of our patients, so that they have a positive dental experience.”

We truly wouldn’t have it any other way. Faith, integrity and kindness are core to the practice. Leading edge technology is an important factor enabling the best care possible, in addition, you are the reason we are here. Empathy is deeply embraced by our friendly, knowledgeable staff, and your happiness matters a great deal to us.

We pride ourselves on doing what is best for our patients regarding all aspects of dental care. We fully understand that going to the dentist can be difficult for many people, and we go all out to provide a setting that puts patients at ease. This applies to children as well as adults. Everyone should feel at ease when they tend to their health needs. A dental office should not be the exception.

Dr. Jess set out to create a practice that left her patients feeling positive about their treatments and visits. A trip to the dentist can be a positive experience. The décor and physical office space reflect her desire for a unique and comfortable setting including: a spa-like atmosphere, Netflix, weighted blankets, comfort dogs, a coffee bar, and more.

The Toothery has been successful with its mission. We will continue striving for you, our patient. You are the reason we are here. Come to The Toothery for a positive dental experience!