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Inspiration comes to different people in different ways. Some people are inspired by beautiful sights of nature, the innocence of a child, the spirituality of an incredible friend or the drive of an athlete as they perform at their peak. In addition to these, inspiration is found in art. All of these have been inspiration to me at many points in my life and most recently that of a special piece of art.

The idea of Raining Sunshine came to me when I was searching the internet for art that would convey peace and happiness for my new dental office, The Toothery. I found a painting that I immediately fell in love with. I decided to purchase it only to be disappointed it was no longer available. At that point I had a choice to either be upset or search for another place for inspiration. I looked no further than the love and creativity of my daughters; Natalie, Charlotte and Elaina.

My three daughters are a constant source of inspiration to me. I wanted to incorporate all of them into the design of The Toothery in a special way. Creating Raining Sunshine has become my inspiration! Not only is it a most meaningful piece of art, I was able to incorporate the piece we created together into the focal wall of the reception area of The Toothery, nestled in the glass of the waterfall directly behind the front desk. With the help of my daughters, and Melissa Loutos of Bella Muri decorative finishes, who aided in bringing my vision to life, I am reminded every day why I have chosen to provide oral health care for my family, friends and neighbors.

Each day when the team of The Toothery prepares to deliver quality patient care to our patients, we begin by sharing our mission statement with each other and focusing on the reason we have come together to serve. I am inspired: by my husband, my children, nature’s beauty, health and fitness, a team who have chosen to serve with me and then my own art creation appropriately named Raining Sunshine.

What inspires you?