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As you well know, you have been given a body. It is the vehicle that you exist in; who you are physically. Also, it gives rise to you emotionally and intellectually; to a mind as well as a body. There is a spiritual component, too.

Life often throws us curve balls. Some very hard and fast at times. Life ebbs and flows as you know. There is great beauty that we experience and encounter throughout our lives. Hardship, grief, suffering and loss are part of it too.

I’d like you to take on a big picture view for a moment…imagine the following:

You have been given a brand new vehicle to drive across the country and back. You choose the make and type. You have a special mission to accomplish on your adventure across the country. This mission is personally important and you plan to give it your all. You decide the mission…Got one? Good.

In order to be successful, you will plan the route you take and figure out where you will stop along the way to accomplish your mission. Also, you will pack clothes, essentials, maybe a book or two, your computer, whatever you will need. Of course, you will bring money, bank cards, etc. to cover your expenses and any emergencies that arise.

The day before you leave, you will make sure that you packed everything that you will need. You will gas up your car and get a good night’s rest. You will also review your route and focus on having a good trip. You are invested in this mission, and you want everything to go well. Basically, you do everything in your power to prepare to ensure all goes well.

The next morning you awake and begin your journey. You are excited and feel positive about what lies ahead!

Now that you have a picture in mind, I’d like you to answer these questions.

– What would happen if you did not have enough oil in your car?

– What would happen if you decided not to get gas as the meter approached empty?

– What would happen if you didn’t obey traffic laws; just drove however you felt like driving?

– What would happen if you just gave up and stopped?

Obviously, your mission would be unsuccessful. You would not have a chance, right? It would be very illogical do such things. It wouldn’t even make sense.

Now, I’d like you to see your own personal vehicle for moving through life, your body and mind as the car in the above scenario. See your own personal vehicle as vital to living the life you desire, to being what enables you accomplish what is important to you, whatever that may be.

How can you ensure your success? Your future mission? Your life? What are you doing that sabotages your very own mission?

As you begin the New Year, take on a new perspective; deepen it, and make it more expansive. Do the basics and focus on making your adventure a success. Do what makes sense, what helps you.

1) Properly fuel yourself.

What you eat matters. Food and drink are your fuel. Eating when you need to as well; don’t starve yourself or over indulge too often.

2) Properly rest yourself.

Get enough sleep. Give yourself breaks. Quiet time is a must. Whether you admit it or not, to run smoothly, this is essential to all your working parts.

3) Dedicate yourself to doing what is best for you (and those that you love).

Elevate yourself. Do what makes you happy without excuses. Give yourself tender loving care. Spend time with those who make you feel good. Create healthy habits where you can. Make changes doable and achievable. In other words, baby steps. Don’t overwhelm yourself needlessly.

4) Don’t give up, it matters. You matter.

Start acting like you matter. Allow yourself to have a say and respect your own feelings. Honor yourself.

So many people take better care of their cars than their bodies and minds. They put great effort into planning and searching for ways to enhance their lives, yet self-care is non-existent. Many of us invest monetarily and materially into our future, but neglect ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically.

The personal vehicle we each have in our possession is precious. It is the only one we have, and it is a one-of-a-kind, mystery machine with bells and whistles that amaze.

You and me are walking, sleeping, eating, drinking, laughing, and breathing miracle machines. Start 2019 realizing just how important you are and learn to help yourself; care for yourself, make yourself happy, healthy and wise.

If we all do this, imagine the possibilities. I see a beautiful year ahead. What about you?

Start giving yourself the TLC you so richly deserve! Your mission awaits you.