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We all wish that time could stand still at times. When we are having a great experience, eating a delicious meal with a dear friend, looking at a sunset, or taking a glimpse of a gorgeous starry sky. Just the same, there are times that we wish it would speed up too. When we are bored, or spending time around people we prefer to not be around, doing chores, working, etc.

Our perception of time passing varies even within a day. Sometimes a large chunk of time has passed and we did not even know it. Sometimes we think we have too little time and go like gangbusters to get things done. Then later we realize there was more time than we thought and settle in and relax a bit.

Life is constantly moving. We can’t stop the momentum. Deadlines, events, and circumstances come and go. Even if we are ignoring them or don’t consciously pay attention.

Time is precious. And perhaps on some level, it is all that we have, the greatest wealth of all–time!

Use your time wisely. Don’t take it for granted. Don’t allow it to run your life, make friends with it. Find meaning in the small moments. Take the time to do what is best for you and your health. Put aside time for pleasure and fun too.

Time is passing, let’s make life pleasant and meaningful!