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Dry mouth, which is also called xerostomia, is a dental issue that involves the decrease in saliva production. This can take a major toll on the teeth, especially because saliva continually washes the mouth and eliminates bacteria and other harmful substances. Without it, the teeth can be left in a vulnerable state.

The causes of dry mouth can vary. Some lifestyle choices, like not drinking enough water, exercising, using tobacco, and drinking alcohol, can cause dry mouth. Natural changes to the body can also cause dry mouth, like hormonal changes and age. Lastly, health issues can cause dry mouth, especially because it is a side effect of some prescription drugs. Some health issues that can cause dry mouth include asthma, type two diabetes, eating disorders, and HIV/AIDS.

When you suffer from dry mouth, it’s best to drink more water, keep up on oral hygiene, eat regular meals, avoid overly salty foods, visit your dentist every six months, avoid smoking, and avoid drinking alcohol. You can also use artificial saliva that is available at your local pharmacy if necessary.

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