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What we put our attention on gets bigger. If we focus on things that make us uncomfortable, we will continue to feel uncomfortable, right? However, if we focus on something that makes us feel good, we will foster good feelings.

We understand this and using the art of distraction to help our patients feel good in our care. This is reflected in the spa-like calm atmosphere and décor of our office. Aroma therapy, comfort dogs and a gentle careful touch are utilized to help you feel very relaxed.

A big screen TV adorns the reception area and each individual patient has one, too, while they are in the chair getting services. You can pick whatever you want to watch on Netflix. Kids can watch cartoons or their favorite movie. Adults can, too! Sometimes parents even have to persuade their children to leave our office. How cool is that!

We have a coffee bar area with hot drinks and even a big bowl with decadent chocolates. Children and adults alike light up when they reach for a lovely chocolate on the way out.

At The Toothery we know how to help adults and children feel good and more comfortable about going to the dentist. It is an art to us and we go out of our way so you can feel more relaxed and look forward to returning. Stop on by and see for yourself.