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The word temptation certainly conjures up some bad juju. It is perceived as being snagged into doing something that you are trying to avoid or limit. Of course, it could also be something perceived as rather naughty or harmful.

One might think of being tempted while on a diet. Getting a big whiff of cinnamon rolls at the food court in the mall and being drawn unconsciously by the aroma to the counter smacking your lips. Perhaps it is technology or social media that draws you in and before you know it, half the day has flown by and you neglected doing what you really wanted to accomplish for the day.

It seems that much of our temptation is connected to doing “too much” or “more than we should” of something that we feel we shouldn’t do.

Temptation has another side. This variety has a different kind of draw. It comes from a different source one could say. It has is a pull, a rising thought or feeling of what would be good for us. It tends to be subtler, but, it certainly is there just as the opposing not-so-good-for-us variety.

Often, we truly are tempted to do what is good for us. We feel it. We recognize it. Unfortunately, we may push it away. These temptations are ones to follow through on and embrace.

Follow the temptations that encourage you to do what is good for you. The ones that remind you to set healthy boundaries and take better care of yourself. The temptations that are reinforcing you to find joy in your life and open up to more love.

Today, let your loving temptations draw you in!

Also, follow that temptation to take good care of your oral health by scheduling a cleaning and exam.