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A stress-free life is not possible. Life is ever-changing. Events and people come and go. New situations and circumstances swiftly come in and out of our lives. Technology keeps us plugged in and impacts us.

Stress is the result of what we perceive as good and, of course, due to what we view as bad as well. Life doesn’t stand still for us even though we would like it to at times. Time passes and we have deadlines to meet; chores to do, work to do, families to take care of and many others things make up our daily life that we feel pressured to attend to and fulfill.

Life will not stop for us no matter how much we would like it. It is up to us to destress. It is up to us to take good care of ourselves. We are the caretakers of our bodies and minds. That all too often goes ignored. Nevertheless, life catches up with us and we feel its adverse effects.

Today, take some time to unwind, to destress. Be a proactive caretaker of yourself. Make some space in your day to unplug. Take a break. Do something just for you.

Stress accumulates and builds. It is up to us to take a breather. If you are waiting for someone else to make it possible, it will likely not happen. This is up to you.

It is easier than you think, and it can be done. Just decide that you are going to do it. Plan for it. Know that you can. More than anything, it is a matter of making your care a priority along with everything else in your life.

It is that simple. Today make you a priority and help your stress go away.