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Everyone lives with stress. There is really no way to avoid it. As you know, we live in a world with lots of moving parts and life doesn’t slow down for us. We are constantly bombarded with information and technology, family, friends, work, school, financial matters, health issues, caring for others, and many other demanding daily responsibilities.

Stress can make us a mess!

Stress impacts our emotional wellbeing and our health as everyone knows. However, many people don’t take the appropriate steps to counteract the adverse effects of stress.

We all recognize when those we care about are stressed out, but we may fail to recognize when we are in need of some destressing.

Insisting we are fine doesn’t mean we are fine either. It just means we are going to keep pushing through whatever is going on, and it will eventually catch up with us.

Dealing can make life more appealing!

Dealing with stress is an art. Yes, there may be times in life where we have to push ourselves. However, more often than not, we may miss an opportunity to feel better. Life can be less hectic and more pleasant a lot of the time for most of us.

One of the simplest ways to feel better is to fully admit that we are overwhelmed, admit we have too much going on and that it is adversely impacting us. The power of admitting what is really happening is two-fold; it helps us calm down and it is the first step toward rectifying the situation. Admitting how we truly feel is very powerful. After we admit it, then we can take some actions to be less stressed, to find balance by implementing a coping mechanism, or doing something to make life less hectic.

Certainly, life can take on a momentum of its own, and it can be too fast-paced for our liking. This doesn’t mean that we have to lose our ability to cope or maintain balance though. What it really means is that we need to push back in a positive way. We need to get out the big guns and do what will help us in whatever way possible.

Sacrificing our emotional wellbeing and health is not a requirement to live in the twenty-first century. Your emotional wellbeing and health matter a great deal and we hope you agree! Sometimes saying no is one of the best ways to minimize stress. Looks for ways to make today a more pleasant day!

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