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Another day is upon us. Will it be a productive one? Will it be a day to enjoy and appreciate? What will this day bring forth for all of us?

When we wake up each day, the brain starts doing its thing, reviewing, remembering, repeating, and reminding us of things that we don’t care to focus on as well. Sometimes the brain, our thinking, takes us down a path that does little to elevate us. Ahh, but sometimes, it does fuel what help us feel good and grateful.

Perhaps more often than not, being in the mind space of gratitude and good feelings requires a more deliberate and select focus. A state that requires one to look toward what we would rather feel and think, instead of being led automatically by our brains.

Exert your inner prowess today by staying focused on what you want to think and feel. Do not let another gloomy day make you feel gloomy. Use your will to go in another direction. A direction that is pleasing to you.

Make today a productive day, one that you can appreciate and enjoy. Be open to something better and deliberately choose to be in that mind space. Use your brain for your own good. Take charge and stay focused.

At The Toothery, we stay focused on being productive, appreciative, grateful and joyful. We want you to feel good while you are in our care. We appreciate and are grateful for you. Plus, we love what we do!

Stay focused on what will make you feel good!