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If you look outside, it may be deceiving. However, my calendar does show that it is spring and we are going with that.

Winter is officially over, and it is time for renewal! It is time to spruce things up a bit, and this includes us. The yard is important, yes; changing up our home’s interiors to reflect the new season upon us is exciting for sure too; and for some, doing some spring cleaning sounds like a good idea.

But, don’t forget about you!

Have you been putting your needs and desires aside? Have you been doing for others, but not for yourself? Do you even know what you would like to do for yourself if you took the time? Be honest!

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our daily life that we forget to nourish ourselves in ways that can help us feel better physically and emotionally. Often, stress can put us in overdrive and we become habitual doers without regards to our own wellbeing.

Eventually it catches up with us though… 

We may be crabby, tired, and or feel overwhelmed. Maybe it is hard to concentrate or sleep. Maybe it is hard to relax and unwind. Or perhaps, we just don’t feel like ourselves.

This undoubtedly was a long winter. And combined with daily life and all its stressors and responsibilities, we may not be fully operational or be feeling our best.

Today is the perfect day to start taking care of yourself. To help yourself in some ways that you have forgotten. Also to think about what matters to you and take steps to make sure these things are part of your life…Come on, that should sound appealing, right?

Spring is a time of renewal, and we are officially asking you to focus on some renewal for you. You will not regret doing so, your body and mind will thank you!

Happy Spring! Now Get Renewing!