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Let’s face it, shiny objects are mesmerizing! They capture one’s attention with a mere flicker of light.

For instance:

  • A new fallen fresh blanket of snow with dusty flecks of light is breathtaking on a sunny winter day.
  • Fireworks exploding with light are magical to the viewer.
  • Sunlight reflecting off the water is soothing and calming.
  • Gemstones, diamonds, and even rhinestones, with their shiny properties beckon for our devotion.
  • A lit candle or burning flames in a campfire can be hypnotic.
  • Stars in the nighttime sky can enhance our belief in something bigger than all of us.
  • And of course that big ball of fire in the sky that enables us to thrive on the planet Earth!

What exactly is it about light that draws us in? Why do we feel good when we witness such things? What do these things trigger within us? Is it a primal urge, a knowing, a sense of warmth and home in some context?

Maybe we cannot confidently identify the why(s) or what(s) exactly. Maybe it doesn’t even matter. Life as we all know is filled with mystery. This can in-of-itself be enough.

Triggering beautiful sensations and feelings within us makes life more meaningful and wondrous. It sparks our curiosity and nudges us toward experiencing a sense of joy.

Look for all that is shiny today. Feel good, a sense of calm, joy and mystery!

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