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Are acidic foods dangerous for your teeth and gums? Should you be concerned about the risks acidic foods pose? The truth is that yes indeed acidic foods and drinks can harm your teeth and lead to dental erosion. If dental erosion continues to occur and is left unchecked, cavities and eventual tooth loss can occur.

Dental erosion is most often caused by harmful acids in your mouth constantly bombarding the tooth enamel until holes and cracks begin to appear. Over time, harmful acids can fully eat through tooth enamel. Foods with a high acidic content such as citrus fruits and tomatoes place your mouth at a greater risk for dental erosion to occur.

Although toothpaste is effective at keeping your mouth clean and clear of harmful acids, it should never be used when your teeth are highly sensitive, specifically after eating meals. To avoid potential abrasion as the result of the toothpaste during this time, supplementary cleaning tools such as chewing sugarless gum and using mouthwash should be used instead.

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