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Let’s not focus on breaking habits this year. Forget about starting a rigid diet, weight loss, exercising more, complaining less, and all that kind of stuff. Seriously, how often has it really worked? Even thinking about making a New Year’s resolution after you get to certain age has zero appeal. You know it is rather pointless. The concept behind it is great and all, but it just doesn’t seem to work for most people.esn’t seem to work for most people.

How about a new approach to 2020?

Focus on loving yourself, taking good care of yourself, and nurturing yourself. Then leave it at that. No harsh judgment of yourself. No negative self talk. (Well, at least do your best to keep it at a minimum.)

Allow yourself to be more authentic by honoring what is important to you.

Do what feels right.

Trust yourself.

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt…assume you know more than you do.

Be kind to yourself.

Make time for yourself.

Notice when you do well and enjoy it.

Celebrate life.

Make 2020 a transformative year. Do it by seeing the good in you.