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We are here to minimize our patients’ potential oral health risks. Staying healthy is our number one intervention. Bottom line, prevention keeps teeth and gums healthier!

By taking good care of our teeth and gums through practicing good oral hygiene and getting regular dental exams, together, we can prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Also, we can catch small issues before they become bigger issues. This not only saves your precious teeth and gums, but also lessens the possibility of greater pain and discomfort, plus higher costs down the road.

Prevention is best achieved by the following recommended guidelines:

· Brush at least two times a day with a soft-bristle brush and use fluoride toothpaste

· Floss once a day

· Eat a balanced and nutritious diet

· Limit sugary foods and drinks

· Visit your dentist every 6 months for a cleaning and exam

· Sealants and fluoride treatments are recommended for some patients

Your smile should last a lifetime! Partner with us to ensure your smile is as healthy as it can be. We will make your visit to the dentist a positive experience. Call us for an appointment today!