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Does your mind wander constantly? Is it hard to pay attention to your immediate surroundings and the activities afoot? Often, it is a very difficult task for many to sustain for any length of time.

Everyone is likely familiar with the term being in the moment, being present and such. However, not nearly as many people put it into actual practice.

Presence of mind involves being focused on the business at hand. Opening up to whatever is happening right in front of you. Not thinking about what is going to happen, what has happened, or engaging thoughts that take you away from your immediate activities and surroundings. It involves a stillness, a surrendering of one’s time and energy to what is before us and,
essentially, paying attention in the most effective and selective way.

As you know, drifting thoughts are largely comprised of judgment, worry and problem solving that isn’t necessary. Presence of mind is quite the opposite, it feels pleasant and solving a problem isn’t necessary. In fact, practicing presence of mind provides clarity and calmness. This keeps us from feeling life is such a struggle.

Here’s a challenge for you…try to not get distracted by your thinking-worry, judgment and unnecessary problem solving. Give each moment the attention it deserves and discover the freedom right in front of you. Take some time to tame your mind and find the stillness and calm. Know the beauty of staying in the present.