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How can we make a better day for ourselves and others? How can we energize ourselves so that we can be the best that we can be?

Taking a moment to think about it can be very enlightening. Asking these kinds of questions can help us do what is best for us. It is a rather simple sentiment; however, we often forget to step back from life and simply think about what we can do to help ourselves and perhaps other people too.

Life has a way of winding us up and we get going, doing what we typically do without much thought. We get to work and plow through, or maybe we dilly dally to avoid a thing or two.

It is helpful to take a moment to ask a simple question such as, how can I have a better day today? We can give ourselves a pick me up. We can reboot and energize ourselves by directing our attention toward something positive.

Yes, this is very simple. But, do you ever really do it? Today, ask yourself a simple question. Ponder it and then take action to have a better day.

Don’t worry, nothing big or exhausting is required, just a little something will do, some kind of pick me up that resonates with you. A walk, a big smile, time with a loved one…start thinking about it and have a better day!