What is on your plate?

What is on your plate? What kinds of foods are typically part of your daily diet? How are you feeling physically? How is your energy level? How do you feel emotionally? What you put on your plate might be related to your answers? Along with what isn’t on your plate.... Read more »


The concept of family has gone through many transformations and renovations over the years. We have personally witnessed many of these changes. As you know, individual families go through many changes too. Some changes are welcomed and others are more of a challenge. Families have all different types of dynamics,... Read more »

Now Is a Great Time to…

Feel good about yourself, Do more of what moves you, Embrace the moment, Chill out, Engage in healthier habits, Forgive yourself, Try something new, Spend time with loved ones, See what you do right instead of what you do wrong, Laugh, Have fun, And feel love… Of course you cannot... Read more »

Be Intentional

Anyone can be intentional with their lives. It is not a matter if you can. Rather, it is a matter of will you? Be intentional signifies taking the lead, making what you want happen, being conscious and purposeful. To be intentional is empowering as well. Often in our lives, we... Read more »

Focus Pocus

Answer the following questions: -What is important to you? -What do you spend your day focusing on? -Where do you spend your time and energy? -Where do your thoughts and feelings often take you? Focus can make us and it can break us as well. Answering these simple questions can... Read more »

New for 2020

New, fresh, different, out of the ordinary, not typical, even innovative actions are great perspectives to apply to life in 2020: New year, new beginnings. In actuality, any day is a good day for a new beginning. However, this time of year tends to lend itself to reflection, so let's... Read more »

Resolution Evolution

Let's not focus on breaking habits this year. Forget about starting a rigid diet, weight loss, exercising more, complaining less, and all that kind of stuff. Seriously, how often has it really worked? Even thinking about making a New Year's resolution after you get to certain age has zero appeal.... Read more »

This Is the Day!

All is cold, dreary and often not so bright. Winter is upon us. It sure is hard to resist the temptation to feel the need to withdraw and hibernate at times. Fortunately, the days will soon be getting longer, although the temperature will be dropping. Today is the day to... Read more »

All Is Calm, All Is Bright…

As the bustling and joyous holiday season begins to wind down, people can feel a wide range of emotions. Many people feel relieved, content or satisfied. While many others may feel a sense of letdown, a slight emptiness, a bit of a void. The slowing down of everything can leave... Read more »

Gums Need Loving Too!

So many things are taken for granted in life. Our health is frequently among them. It is something that we may not think about until we have health issues or some kind of disease process adversely affecting us. Of course, most all of us have been made aware of factors... Read more »