It Is Going to Be Okay.

Sometimes, we need to be reminded that everything will be okay. When things get tough in life, we may tend to lose our perspective. The crisis at hand, or perceived crisis at hand, hooks us in and then we are in trouble. Essentially, an overactive mind can make us feel... Read more »

Food Can Be the Best Medicine!

Eating right can make us healthier. It can boost our mood, give us energy, and potentially reduce our risk of developing some diseases. It may even help us live longer too. A calcium rich diet is good for our teeth. Regular cleanings and exams, and good daily oral hygiene are... Read more »

What Are You Looking for in a Dental Provider?

-Someone you can trust? -Someone who cares? -Someone who will partner with you? -Someone with experience, skill and expertise? -Someone who wants to understand your needs? -Someone who is caring and empathetic? -Someone who treats you well? -Someone with a pleasant and warm demeanor? -Someone that will walk you through... Read more »

We Made It! Spring Is Just Days Away!

Our clocks have been changed and we’ve been getting some spring-like weather! More daylight at the end of the day too! Ahh, how wonderful! Cardinals and other feathered friends are making themselves known. You can even spot some buds on various kinds of bushes and trees. Grass is getting a... Read more »

Germ Season

At The Toothery your health and safety are always a priority to us. In the wake of current circumstances, we would like to address any concerns regarding infection control protocols. We have always strictly followed universal precautions set forth by OSHA, the CDC and the American Dental Association (ADA). We... Read more »

Time to Take Care of You!

Winter is making a big statement lately. Bone chilling cold, winds blowing, and snow falling. Sometimes the best way to deal with winter is to embrace it. Make the best of it and invest in some me time, including good self-care. Self-care also includes a visit to the dentist. At... Read more »

The Toothery, a Provider You Can Trust!

Going to the dentist is kind of a big deal. You are putting your trust into a provider’s hands. You are trusting they will diagnose you properly and follow through with the best treatment available. You are counting on their expertise and experience as well. Not to mention, trusting all... Read more »

Take a Bite out of Life With Healthy Teeth!

Sometimes we forget the incredible value of our oral health and its impact on our life! Teeth enable us to live and enjoy life. They help us to digest our food and enjoy the foods we love. Our teeth are something that we do not want to live without, right?... Read more »

Calling All People!

We embrace everyone! We cater to those who are young and old. And everything in between. We are here for those who are afraid and stressed out. Even for those who would rather avoid seeing us. We want to help those who enjoy our company. Plus, those that are not... Read more »

A Tale of a Tooth Fairy of Another Kind…

Once upon a time there was a very special young woman who wanted to make her mark on the world. She worked in dental offices that were kind of stinky, a bit stuffy at times, and somewhat cold and clinical. They did great work in these offices, however, these offices... Read more »