Presence of Mind

Does your mind wander constantly? Is it hard to pay attention to your immediate surroundings and the activities afoot? Often, it is a very difficult task for many to sustain for any length of time. Everyone is likely familiar with the term being in the moment, being present and such.... Read more »

Transitioning Into Fall

Summer is ending and fall is in the air. Trees are ever so slightly beginning to change along with the temperature and length of daylight. A time of transition is surely here. Many people are solemnly thinking about winter lingering in the background, and many people are excited about all... Read more »

The Toothery Is Out of the Ordinary!

Not to brag, but we are different, in a good way... Standing out, The Toothery delivers a better dental experience. An experience that is changing people’s mind about going to the dentist. Children who once feared their dental visits are actually excited to be in our office. Really! Adults who... Read more »

What Do You Expect?

Does expectation influence what we actually experience and feel in our daily life? On some level, it certainly does... Have you ever been in a car with someone who tends to get angry at other drivers? Or maybe you are the one who exudes anger while driving? One can easily... Read more »

What Would You Like to Do Today?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we got to pick what we wanted to do each and every day? Imagine waking up and asking yourself, "What shall I do today?" Then picture yourself doing exactly what you chose. Hmmm, now how wonderful would that feel? Of course, it would feel pretty... Read more »

A Big, Beautiful Smile

A warm smile can soften the hardest of hearts, change the mood of a difficult encounter, and make a person feel cared for and loved. Smiling at someone or being on the receiving end feels good, too, pure and simple! Fashion trends can’t compare to the power and influence of... Read more »

A Better Way

Efficiency We move through our days active both in body and mind. Often, to make for a better existence and to be more efficient, we look for ways to make life less complicated when possible. Whether we are doing chores at home, running errands, completing tasks at school or work,... Read more »

Good Habits Can Be Initiated, Too!

Taking good care of ourselves is critical to our health and wellbeing. Most everyone develops bad habits of one kind or another during their lifetime. It doesn’t mean that we are bad people, however, it does mean that some changes may be required to enhance our health and wellbeing. Sometimes,... Read more »

Prevention as an Intervention!

We are here to minimize our patients’ potential oral health risks. Staying healthy is our number one intervention. Bottom line, prevention keeps teeth and gums healthier! By taking good care of our teeth and gums through practicing good oral hygiene and getting regular dental exams, together, we can prevent tooth... Read more »

No Judgement Here!

You have been putting off your visit to the dentist. You haven’t been doing what you think you should in regards to your oral health. You have some regrets about doing so. You want to take care of your oral health but you dropped the ball and, well, you are... Read more »