Love Is in the Air!

Hearts, candy, chocolate and cards. Holidays are good reminders for us. We all have likely felt that they were an extra, unneeded responsibility at times, however, I think it is best to see them as a good reminder. Oh you know, it is so easy to get caught up with... Read more »

A Day With No Complaining—Gratitude Whenever You Can.

There are always at least two ways to look at a situation. There are always things that we can pick apart, express dissatisfaction about, give our opposing view on, right? Or, we can use the glass is half full scenario. I guess the question to ask is, which perspective ultimately... Read more »

A New Study Reveals a Link Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer’s

The study was published in the online journal, Science Advances. Researchers have found a link between the two. Several other studies have shown some similar findings. Read more here: Here is a link to the abstract: As you can imagine, there is still more research to be done... Read more »


You are exceptional and so is our dental practice! You deserve the very best and we will give you our best! The Toothery is far from a typical dental office. Dr. Jessica Bertoglio made sure of this when she established The Toothery in Hoffman Estates. Her goal is to help... Read more »

Your Pet May Be Your Best Medicine!

Pet lovers already know that their beloved animals make a positive difference in their lives. Pets are great company, enjoyable to cuddle with, often funny and entertaining, and so, so much more! Yes, it is a big responsibility to have pets, but the return on your investment is huge! Pets... Read more »

Today Is a New Day Even If It Is 2:00 Pm!

Restart your day with a clean slate. Feeling crabby, groggy, overwhelmed. Shake it off. Don’t give in to the thoughts that are dragging you down. Brush them aside and start again. The great thing about life is that we have a say in how we feel a good deal of... Read more »

Calling All Peeps

Have we been in touch with you lately to set up an appointment and missed you? Are you do for an exam and cleaning? Are you ready to start taking better care of your teeth and gums? We are ready for you. Let’s get it done! The new year has... Read more »

The Anatomy of a Tooth

We take many things for granted in life. Fortunately, we have access to all kinds of technology, medical care, and most everything that we could possibly ever need. Of course, we rely on the expertise of others to help us in many ways. Sometimes though, a bit of knowledge can... Read more »

Your Comfort Matters to Us!

We are all well aware that many people fear the dentist to some degree. As you can imagine, we don’t want to be feared. We want our patients to like coming here, and better yet, to enjoy it. If you were running a business, an organization, providing a service for... Read more »

Cerec®: Your Smile and Time Is Precious

How many of us have time to waste? Very few, right? Are you overbooked and find it hard to get all the things done that you need to get done? Well, we feel your pain! Time is a commodity that has great value and it cannot be replicated. Once time... Read more »