What’s Cooking?

What are you up to today? Anything special? Or just the usual things? Sometimes we would benefit from spicing life up...getting out of our typical routine and doing something different. Something little, even buying a bouquet of flowers, taking a different route to work, trying a new food, or taking... Read more »

Bit O’ Sunshine

Finally, summer feels like it has officially arrived! As you know, we have experienced an excessive number of gloomy days for quite a while. As matter of fact, too many! As much as we may try to not be influenced by gloomy days, it seems like we are, right? Perhaps... Read more »

Looks Are Important but Not Everything … Better Health Matters Too

Implants for Better Oral Health Most of us realize that implants can improve the aesthetics of a smile. And after all, who doesn't want a beautiful smile? This in-of-itself is of great value, however, implants are not just about looking good. Implants can help people maintain optimal oral health. Maintaining... Read more »

The Passing of Time

We all wish that time could stand still at times. When we are having a great experience, eating a delicious meal with a dear friend, looking at a sunset, or taking a glimpse of a gorgeous starry sky. Just the same, there are times that we wish it would speed... Read more »

Solution Seekers That Care

We are caring, proactive professionals that look for solutions... As you likely know, dentistry in part embodies prevention, being proactive. Keeping a step ahead of potential health problems and diseases. Also, treating issues before they develop momentum and become bigger issues. Doing dentistry with kindness and heart matters to us... Read more »

Just Breathe

Chaos, moving at a fast pace, running errands, taking care of other people including kids and aging parents, completing chores, going to school, driving here and there, cleaning, maintaining a home, a yard, shopping, cooking, working, etc., oh, and staying sane make up lots of people’s daily lives. The staying... Read more »

Music to the Ears

The Toothery is to teeth as music is to the ears. Music ultimately makes us happy. It puts a bounce and lightness into our steps and feels good! The Toothery adds pleasantries to dentistry just as music is pleasing to the ears! Why not? Why can’t a visit to the... Read more »


How are you investing in your future? This is a big question. What are you doing today that will have some payoffs down the road? It can be a financial pay-off, but of course, life has many other payoffs, too. Most any parent understands that they must invest time and... Read more »


It is no surprise to any of us that we may limit what we do in our lives. We may narrow down our options and choices even though we may not have to. In other words, we often live in a box. Perhaps we don't fully understand exactly how we... Read more »

Calling All Who Take Care of Everyone but Themselves!

You likely know who you are. But maybe not? You do a fabulous job making sure that everyone is happy. You keep others on track and help them tend to their well-being. You go out of your way to listen to other people's problems and help them find answers to... Read more »