All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth

A truly adorable and silly Christmas song. Remember the whistling sound and lisp that accompanied the lyrics. Many artists have performed renditions of this song originally from the 1940’s. Likely your child has performed this famous song at his or her school holiday concert as well. This song written in... Read more »

Holiday Cool Down!

Peace and good will are supposed to be synonymous with the holiday season. Unfortunately, and understandably, people tend to associate the holidays with lots of stress. Too much to do. Too much money has to be spent. Too many relatives, family and friends to visit. Too many projects. Too many... Read more »

Mini Implants are all the Rage!

Dr. Jess is totally pumped about mini implants! One could say that she is getting to the root of tooth replacement and lovin' it! In Dr. Jess's words, "They are small but mighty, and they can help you." There are so many benefits to mini implants which is why we love them... Read more »

Wrap it up with a bow!

As you know, the year is coming to a closing. Only less than a month left in 2018. What do you need to get done before the year is over? Have you left some loose ends or forgotten to get some important things done by year end? Well, you still have time! Close... Read more »

Be Our Guest

We invite you to be our guest! A dentist office may not seem like a place for gathering or hosting, but we see it that way. The Toothery certainly is not a typical dental practice. Our patients will tell you how special The Toothery is and why they love it... Read more »

Take Advantage of Your Dental Benefits Today!

It is open enrollment time! Here are some helpful tips on choosing a new dental plan. If you have dental benefits as an option through your employer, you may be able to help choose what plan you use for yourself and your family. Many dental benefit plans include clauses and... Read more »

End of the Summer Exam and Cleaning!

It is September and we are at the end of summer. If you are due for a cleaning and exam or need any dental work, now is a good time to get it done. No time like the present! And you want to beat the of the year rush to... Read more »

The Ideal Dentist

What do you look for in a dentist? - Expertise: an expert that is highly respected who provides high-quality care. - Good chairside manner: a dentist that is personable and makes you feel at ease. - Integrity: someone you feel confident with and trust. - Compassion: a dentist that is... Read more »

Gingivitis Doesn’t Have to Numb Your Brain or Harm Your Teeth!

You know how when you hear certain words, your brain kind of shuts down and gets numb. Well unfortunately, gingivitis may be one of those words. Wait, don't stop reading. We want you to take full control of your gums and pearly whites to ensure your teeth last a lifetime.... Read more »

Surround Yourself With People That Make You Feel Good

Life gets pretty hectic and busy as you well know. We have a limited amount of time to do all that we need to do. It is important to make the best of our precious time, to make choices that allow us to be effective and feel good whenever possible.... Read more »