You’ve Got This!

Are you in need of a pep talk today? Is life starting to weigh on you? Do you feel some or a lot of pressure to get it all done, right now? Ugh, we feel your pain. Life certainly can get ahold of us at times in ways that are... Read more »

Exceeding Expectations!

“Dr. Bertoglio will exceed your expectations. She is professional, meticulous, detailed and honest. She will go the extra mile for you. She is one of the most caring dentists you will ever meet and her work is exceptional.” ̶ A review from one of our patients. Thank you, Heather! Dr.... Read more »

Stress, ugh, yuck, go away…

A stress-free life is not possible. Life is ever-changing. Events and people come and go. New situations and circumstances swiftly come in and out of our lives. Technology keeps us plugged in and impacts us. Stress is the result of what we perceive as good and, of course, due to... Read more »

Spring is finally here!

If you look outside, it may be deceiving. However, my calendar does show that it is spring and we are going with that. Winter is officially over, and it is time for renewal! It is time to spruce things up a bit, and this includes us. The yard is important,... Read more »

Here’s What The Toothery Offers to Patients

First of all, we are not your typical dental office! Our patients enjoy coming here, and you will notice some of the reasons why as soon as you enter our office. The spa-like atmosphere and warm, friendly staff are just the beginning. Beyond our beautiful office, wonderful and expert staff,... Read more »

It starts with happy!

Happy faces are the best, and as far as we are concerned, just what the dentist ordered! Coming to the dentist is often dreaded by many, feared by some, and unfortunately, put off to somewhere in the future by far too many. This post is for those of you who... Read more »

Drill down to the here and now and feel better!

Do you have the capacity to stay focused on what is happening right here, right now, this very second? Or, do you tend to suffer from a wandering mind that is always filled with chatter, thinking and analysis? Do you have the ability to appreciate and enjoy your surroundings? Or,... Read more »

Getting Stronger with Fluoride

Fluoride helps teeth get stronger. That means, less decay and the potential to keep your teeth healthier and longer. So, when you come in for a cleaning and an exam, we also include a professional fluoride treatment. The enamel on your teeth is waging a battle each time you eat... Read more »

We’ve got your back!

No typo here. We are not just interested in your oral health. We are concerned about you as a person. We are here to serve you with your best interests in mind. Dentistry is part of a health care system, which sometimes abandons people or fails to see them as... Read more »

A pretty awesome place!

Happy and upbeat. Smiling and helpful. Caring and compassionate. Empathetic and responsive. Positive and result orientated. Knowledgeable and experienced. Comfort and ease. Soothing and reliable. What comes to your mind when you read the above words? A pretty awesome place, right? A place that you’d like to frequent? We want... Read more »