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Quinn is the newest addition to The Toothery canine family of comfort dogs. He is the fluffiest and cuddliest little puppy around. Cole and Hazel, we love you just as much!

Quinn tops the scale at 4.7 pounds. Don’t be fooled though, he registers at 110% plus in cuteness. He is 7 months young.

According to Dr. Jess, Quinn absolutely loves his squeaker ball and playing with Hazel. He loves treats, and who doesn’t, along with chewing on bully sticks. When Quinn doesn’t want to be picked up at home, he hides under the ottoman or under the kitchen table. Dr. Jess finds this funny, but sometimes, not so much. Know that any frustration with Quinn passes very swiftly. How long could anyone feel annoyed with this little cutie? Hmmm, about a half a second!

He is doing well and excelling with his comfort dog training. The patients just love him! He loves photo ops and gets plenty of them too. Quinn is a natural at his new vocation since he loves to be held and pampered. You, too, can have this fluffy, cuddly pup in your lap on your next visit.

Would you like to experience a comfort dog on your next dental visit? Just let us know when you make your appointment, and we will be sure to have one of our furry friends ready for you.