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New, fresh, different, out of the ordinary, not typical, even innovative actions are great perspectives to apply to life in 2020:

New year, new beginnings.

In actuality, any day is a good day for a new beginning. However, this time of year tends to lend itself to reflection, so let’s officially commit to starting anew.

A fresh start with a clean slate.

We all make mistakes and have regrets. It is part of being a human being. Put mistakes and regrets aside and let them go. Forgive yourself! Forgive others too!

Different–dare to find a better way, essentially make changes for goodness sake and for your sake too!

Find a better way to accomplish what you desire to achieve. Make changes that empower you. Empower others too!

Out of the ordinary–do life with forethought, be mindful instead of per usual.

Think about what is most important to you. Make a plan, take steps toward what you desire.

Not typical–break the spell of being habitual.

Be conscious of what you do and how you react. Step out of your typical routine and see what good comes your way. See yourself in a new light. Be a bit adventurous too.

Innovate–be creative, open, and original.

Often in life, we tend to settle, make our options less vast, and or see ourselves as less than we truly are. Life experience and events shape us, and we see ourselves accordingly. See yourself in a positive light. Honor who you are and be more authentic. Stay true to yourself. Open up and be creative. Look at situations, events and people with new eyes. Dig into life with gusto!

2020 is going to be a great year! We look forward to what it brings for ll of us! Let us know how you are starting anew.