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The Toothery is to teeth as music is to the ears.

Music ultimately makes us happy. It puts a bounce and lightness into our steps and feels good!

The Toothery adds pleasantries to dentistry just as music is pleasing to the ears! Why not? Why can’t a visit to the dentist be enjoyable?

Dr. Jess and her team want you to feel good when coming to The Toothery for your dental needs.

So how do we do it? How are we different than other dental offices?

· A soothing atmosphere

· A kind and empathetic staff

· Expert care

· Attention, we focus on you and your needs

· Comfort dogs! Cute, adorable, specially trained dogs to sit with you and help you feel ease and comfortable

· Netflix…pick whatever show you like to be entertained while you are here

· Weighted blankets to relieve stress and anxiety

· Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and truffles…yes we have those too!

· Same day crowns and much more…

We want to put a bounce and a lightness in your steps. We want to make your mouth healthy and help you feel good.

Let The Toothery add pleasantry to your dental visits! We’ve been doing it for five years! Our patient’s feel the difference and keep coming back for more!