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Dr. Jess is totally pumped about mini implants! One could say that she is getting to the root of tooth replacement and lovin’ it! In Dr. Jess’s words, “They are small but mighty, and they can help you.”

There are so many benefits to mini implants which is why we love them so much at The Toothery! This system is fast and minimally invasive. It is cost effective too. Now, who wouldn’t be thrilled about all that?

Teeth can be replaced and dentures tightened sometimes in one day. Yes, in one day! Faster healing is a huge plus with mini implants. They are smaller than traditional implants so they fuse with bone more quickly. Gums heal quicker too.

Mini implants truly are a great option for restoring missing teeth and beautiful smiles. What’s more, some people that are not good candidates for traditional implants may be good candidates for mini implants.

Are you ready to get to the root of tooth replacement in the best way possible? Give us a call to set up a consultation. We look forward to meeting you and sharing this cutting-edge technology with you.

Dr. Jess would love the opportunity to give second opinions to patients considering new implants or attached dentures as well. The Toothery can often do implants more quickly and with savings when compared to the big name implant centers!

Make an appointment today and we’ll get you pumped about your new and improved smile! You are going to look marvelous and you are in great hands with Dr. Jess and The Toothery Team!