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Hearts, candy, chocolate and cards. Holidays are good reminders for us. We all have likely felt that they were an extra, unneeded responsibility at times, however, I think it is best to see them as a good reminder.

Oh you know, it is so easy to get caught up with the doings of life. The things we need to do, have to do, should do, must do…lots of do to do.

Without realizing it, we get caught up with the little details of life and focus on the bits and pieces instead of the whole. A narrow focus that limits our perspective and actions.

A holiday like Valentine’s Day can actually help us zoom out of our narrow focus and remind us of the bigger more important things in life.

Love is best when it is shared and expressed. When we do for others, it is an expression of love. However, a direct expression of words to another can be more impressive than anything. Words are powerful and will be remembered. Some of us need the words.

Love is in the air. How can you express love to those that you care about? How can you do it effectively and really show another how much they mean to you?

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Get sharing! We all need more love!