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Do you feel like you are living on the edge? In a stressed out way? Time to regroup and get your footing. Being mindful can help. Mindful is a word that we see more than even. Even though it may seem like a trend, it really is not.

It is a way of moving through life. Being overly busy and overwhelmed has been established as a norm for many people. It seems to set the tone for many people’s lifestyles, young and old. The concept of mindfulness has been around for centuries. Longer than the stressed out craze that dominates our culture much of the time.

Mindfulness asks that we be present. No getting caught up in the past. No focusing on what lies ahead. It requires that one pay attention to what is happening right now. Feeling the moment, noticing your surrounds and the people you are with. Mindfulness asks that we relax into the here and now.

The here and now is the sweet spot. It really is, and unfortunately, many do not understand what they are missing. If your mind leads you into the past and future, you are possibly missing the best moments of your life.

Practice being mindful. Pay attention to where your thoughts go. Real them back into the present moment. Feel the beauty of the here and now. Dig in and get your footing. Practice a way of being that will yield results that are priceless for both the body and the mind.

Let go and be mindful.

FYI, when you are with us at The Toothery, we will be mindful of all your needs and take great care of you. We will be in the moment and focus on you and your dental experience. You will feel good in our care too!