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Picture a dark room with no light other than a small, white candle burning in the corner of the room on a little table. The candle illuminates the corner, sending a soft glow to the walls near it and the surface of the table that it rests upon.

The candle emits a warm circle of light that reaches far beyond its height and width. The darkness of the room transitions to light as the flame gently dances in the corner. The light is not trying to be bigger or anything more than it is.

This visualization was in part inspired by one of my favorite inspirational quotes:

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”
– St. Francis of Assisi,

This is your reminder to realize the importance of the light that you bring to your corner of the world. It also asks that you be the light that you are, and nothing more is required of you as well. Your light penetrates the darkness and is of great value.

No matter what is happening around you, the light within you is always present. You may forget about it, however, it is there just the same.

The world needs your light. It is perfect as it is, and it is enough. Lighting up our little corners is all that is necessary too. Don’t diminish what you are because you fear it is not grand enough. Your grandness is as grand as it can be.

Thank you for bringing your light to our corner of the world. We need it, the world needs it!