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Seems like we have finally slipped into the summer groove and here it is August! The lazy days of summer are closing in on us! It is a big reminder to cherish the summer while it lasts.

It is time to get ready for the school year yet once again. You definitely can sense the changes in the air. The sun is ever so slowly shortening its appearance in our daytime sky. Some leaves are making their way to the ground, too!

It is time to get school supplies, shop for dorm furnishings, register for classes if you haven’t already, and dash to get done whatever needs to be done before the first class begins.

Time to get doctor appointments and dental exams in order. The Toothery is ready to help you get back to school with a healthy smile, whether for you or your child. We will make it easy with prepared school forms and paperwork submission for services to insurance providers. What’s more, we will make you or your child, whether a first grader or college student, feel comfortable in our care.

We will go out of our way to make it easier for you. It is the end of the summer and you should be savoring it in every way that you can. Give us a call and check another item off your back to school list. We guarantee you will be happy that you did!