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Did you know that since the 1990s lasers have been implemented for use within dentistry? As amazing as it sounds, lasers can often perform tasks much better and more efficient than any other machine or tool at a dentist’s disposal. Laser dentistry is the wave of the future. Look below for some of the common uses of lasers today:

-Lasers can be used to treat cavities by blasting away the decay and preparing a tooth for a dental filling to be inserted.
-Lasers are powerful enough to reshape gums and gum tissue around teeth to remove bacteria or prepare teeth for a variety of treatments and procedures, including root canals.
-Lasers can remove tissue for cancer biopsies. By removing a small amount of tissue, the tissue can be sent away to check for signs of oral cancer.
-Lasers can improve the quality of gum tissue by removing various abnormalities like sores and lesions.

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