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How often do you give yourself credit for what you do well? Seriously, how often?

When life gets a bit crazy and you are feeling stressed, do you turn the focus toward what you do well and how you can do what is required to be successful? Do you think about your strengths and feel better?

I imagine that most people don’t tend to focus on their strengths very often, and instead, get caught up in feeling their weaknesses. It is like we forget all the good that we have done in our lives, along with all our successes. This of course is not helpful.

What if we turned to our strengths and trusted ourselves greatly when we started to feel stress? What if our “what ifs” were all about what we have done correctly? Hmmm, what if our “what ifs” were all about us handling life well and feeling that we are properly equipped to move through life effectively?

What if you believed in yourself?

What if you focused on all the good you bring to life?

What if all your “what ifs” were empowering and transformative?

The bottom line, knowing your strengths and reinforcing them is transformative and empowering.

Maybe it is time for you grab a paper and pen and remind yourself of all that you do well, your strengths and successes, your talents and skills…

On second thought, it is time to do just that!