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I bet you have been asked to do this more than a few times during your life when you went for a check-up or exam at your doctor’s office.

Take a moment to say a slightly big, somewhat loud, and kind of long ahhh… You don’t have to open wide though.

It has a bit of a stress release affect, right? Perhaps it is because the body seems to settle in and relax even if it is only for a moment.

Here at The Toothery we embrace the “ahhh” in dentistry. It is not to look inside your mouth, although we certainly will be doing much of our work in there. The ahhh we are referring to is ease, taking stress out of the moment.

The last thing we want for our patients is to feel uncomfortable and stressed. It is a component of a dental visit that can be minimized or even eliminated altogether. The Toothery prides itself on making this a reality and is successful at it too!

Not all dental experiences are alike. We understand that some people have had bad experiences at the dentist and that many people even fear going to the dentist.

People, children and adults alike appreciate their experiences at The Toothery. It can be a game changer for many. Dr. Jess decidedly wanted a better experience for her patients, so she made sure to create it for them.

Are you dreading a visit to the dentist? Are you looking for a better experience?

Look no further! We want you to just say, ahhh, and feel ease and comfort while in our care. Come to The Toothery where we genuinely care about how you feel!