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Chaos, moving at a fast pace, running errands, taking care of other people including kids and aging parents, completing chores, going to school, driving here and there, cleaning, maintaining a home, a yard, shopping, cooking, working, etc., oh, and staying sane make up lots of people’s daily lives.

The staying sane portion of our day is the focus of our blog today. It is pretty amazing what we can do in a twenty-four hour time period. Right? Unfortunately, the pace that we often conduct our lives at can be rather unhealthy, especially over time.

People often feel stressed and overwhelmed in their daily lives. Whether we admit it or not, at some point in time constant stress and overwhelm may create adverse issues for us of one kind or another.

Admitting that we are stressed and overwhelmed is the first step. Being honest with ourselves. Why? Then we can take action to make ourselves feel better. Just admitting what stresses us can be helpful. Not complaining and blaming mind you, but developing an understanding of our own limits, of our emotions and what affects us. Then making the appropriate changes where needed to be less stressed and overwhelmed.

Learning to breathe and relax when we are stressed can help us feel better too. It can help your body and brain slow down. You can start your day by sitting and breathing deeply, consciously and slowly too. This can set the tone for your day. In addition, the process is simple, and you have all the equipment required. Just breathe and relax. Simply put aside the time to feel better, to create some ease in your day.

Today, take a few moments to breathe and relax multiple times throughout your day. Let go of all the things you have to do and calm your body and mind. You may be surprised by how much better you feel if you make it a priority. Staying sane is a worthy cause! The world needs a calmer, happier you!

BTW, ease is pretty darn important at The Toothery. We foster a calm and comfortable environment. We go out of our way to make sure YOU feel good when you are in our care. All you have to do is just breathe and relax, we will take it from there.