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Happy faces are the best, and as far as we are concerned, just what the dentist ordered!

Coming to the dentist is often dreaded by many, feared by some, and unfortunately, put off to somewhere in the future by far too many.

This post is for those of you who dread, fear, and or put off going to the dentist. We understand the many reasons why and would like to help you change your mind.

We genuinely want to change your mind about dentistry. We care about making you comfortable, and how you feel. We would like you to be happy about your experiences at The Toothery.

We have found that it is possible to create a better experience for those who dread or fear their visits.

Here are some of the ways we do it:

An office that doesn’t feel or look like a typical dental office.

We have a beautiful, spa-like atmosphere, even a waterfall gracing one of the walls. Essential oils are diffused as well to enhance the ambiance.

Entertainment to amuse.

We have Netflix in the waiting room and in each treatment area. You can watch your favorite show while you wait or during your procedures.

Comfort dogs to help children and adults feel good while they are having procedures, cleanings and or exams.

Yes, we have specially trained dogs that can sit on your lap while you are here. They are game changers! Picture yourself or your child with an adorable dog on their lap comforting them while they are here. Dog lovers light up at the sight of Cole, Hazel, Quinn and our puppy in training, Bear.

An experienced dentist that truly cares and a warm, friendly staff.

Dr. Jess genuinely cares about her patients and so does the entire Toothery Team. We give patients our very best in all that we do.

There’s much more, but we think you should experience it for yourself. Come on and get happy about your dentist and the care you receive. Come on in to The Toothery!