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Social media and technology are turning the world upside down. It has dramatically impacted our culture, the way we get news and information of all kinds, and it has revolutionized how many people communicate as you well know. It has an upside and a downside like many things in life.

There was a time when social media and cell phone technology did not exist. This certainly did not mean that information, whether conveyed via book, radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, Aunt Ruthie, or anyone else, was accurate or truthful.

Even so, it seems that we are misled more often than before (prior to the days before we had information at our fingertips and in our pockets). Perhaps it is greatly due to how much information we can access in mere seconds; photos and videos make stories more real, too.

Integrity is a highly-valued commodity for most people, us included of course. Sometimes we don’t always encounter it though. Social media is one of the avenues that can be greatly lacking in this commodity. Maybe we have lowered our standards, accepted the lack of it, or maybe advances in technology just happened so quickly without realizing what results would materialize.

No matter what, integrity is something we all should strive toward. Each day we can be living examples of the traits we value the most. Social media and technology at our finger tips is a big part of our daily lives, however, we are the drivers behind it. Each one of us has the ability to be objective and honest, to have the truth move our actions and words.

Integrity can be part of our daily lives. You make a difference in this world both on screen, and more importantly, off screen. Let’s not forget the positive difference we can make and how we can elevate one another. Let’s put integrity at the top of the list today.