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Peace and good will are supposed to be synonymous with the holiday season. Unfortunately, and understandably, people tend to associate the holidays with lots of stress. Too much to do. Too much money has to be spent. Too many relatives, family and friends to visit. Too many projects. Too many errands to run. Too much shopping to do. Too much food to prepare. Too much to eat and drink. Too little time to get it all done.

You were probably stressing a bit reading the first paragraph of this post. All right, it is true that the holidays can be demanding on our pocket books, our physical energy and time, etc. However, we can try and cool down, not get worked up by changing our perspective. Take a few deep breaths and let all the “too much whatever it is” go.

We have been through the holiday season many times, right? We survived and everything that absolutely needed to be done was accomplished, right? We managed to get most of the errands done, shopped, celebrated and spent time with loved ones.

What we may have failed miserably at was keeping our cool. We perhaps did not enjoy the holidays as much as we could have… and or maybe it was hectic and we did too much.

This holiday season, make a pledge to yourself. Alter your perspective in regards to the holidays. Be a harbinger of peace. Not only for others, but for yourself. Step back and take a break. Clear your head and do what you need to do to destress.

Go for a walk, listen to some music and dance, read a good book, watch a great movie, do some yoga, meditate, exercise, ask for help, do less…do things that help you feel good. Remember to do some damage control by setting limits too; do what you can and let the rest go.

It is time to enjoy life and celebrate! You don’t have to get all worked up and worn out. This year embrace a holiday cool down. Let peace and good will fill you up! Happy Holiday Season to You! We hope it’s wonderful!