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Halloween is great fun! A crispness is in the air, colorful leaves are falling, children and adults dress-up and have a fun time! Lots of goodies and creepy, entertaining activities too.

Halloween is a holiday that doesn’t require lots of preparation, gift giving, meal prep, and the like. It pokes fun at some of our fears and allows us to be someone or something we are not for an evening or afternoon. Of course, there is trick-or-treating and parties with ghosts and witches too. You may even find yourself in the company of a famous fictional character or two.

Pumpkin carving is an old time favorite for many of us. In addition to candy and sugary treats. Just like you, we enjoy treats too. We do, however, have a few suggestions to help your teeth stay healthy while indulging this Halloween season…

-Brush after eating or drinking sweet treats
-Floss every day
-Change up a sweet drink for a glass of water
-All sweets in moderation
-Eat healthy foods too

It is fun to celebrate and indulge. We hope your Halloween is scary in a fun way and sweet!

BTW…Dr. Jess has some good tricks in hand. She will treat you well and eliminate the scary out of dentistry! Give yourself a treat, go to a dentist that cares and makes you feel good.