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So many things are taken for granted in life. Our health is frequently among them. It is something that we may not think about until we have health issues or some kind of disease process adversely affecting us.

Of course, most all of us have been made aware of factors that impact our heart health and what may contribute to the risk of developing various types of cancers, diabetes and strokes; however, we may not be aware of factors that affect the health of our gums. Or, the consequences of neglecting them.

The bottom line, healthy gums are a requirement to maintain healthy teeth. Putting it simply, gums hold your teeth in place and protect them. If gums are neglected, we risk developing periodontal disease, developing infections, tooth loss, etc.

Bleeding gums, loose teeth, and or swollen gums are all signs that your gums need some loving. Proper treatment can keep them healthy and stop symptoms from getting worse. Getting worse can mean infections, tooth and bone loss among other things.

So, don’t take the health of your gums for granted any more. Take good care of them.

-Brush and floss daily
-Go for regular dental cleanings and exams
-Eat a calcium rich diet
-Limit sweets

We have gum experts at The Toothery too. Our hygienists, Donna and Stacy, will detect any issues or problems and find ways to help you. They are your second line of defense next to you and your daily hygiene. Dr. Jess of course is here for you as well. Together, we can help you stay healthy.

Our business is making sure that your teeth last a lifetime. Now, isn’t it about time that you made it your business too?

Let’s give those gums of yours some loving!