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Taking good care of ourselves is critical to our health and wellbeing.

Most everyone develops bad habits of one kind or another during their lifetime. It doesn’t mean that we are bad people, however, it does mean that some changes may be required to enhance our health and wellbeing.

Sometimes, we don’t realize the consequences of our actions until we get a bit older. And of course, some bad habits have more significant consequences than others.

Today, think about what good habit(s) you could develop to enhance your wellbeing. What can you initiate to feel better about life emotionally and physically?

For you younger folks, your older self will someday be grateful for the creation of these good habits, ones that enhance your life.

We are never too old or too young to make ourselves happier and healthier. As a matter of fact, today is the most perfect day to do just that. What can you do today to make a positive difference in your life? What good habits can you put in place to make it possible?

Make your future self grateful! You will never regret doing so. Embrace taking good care of yourself!

Yup, and this means a visit to The Toothery. We will keep you and your future self smiling!

Now that would be a great habit to initiate.


“I regret taking care of my teeth,” said no one, ever! 🙂