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Pick a word for yourself. A power word. A word that describes you. Or a word that reinforces something that you are working toward. It can be more than one word.

Sometimes we forget what matters most and we would benefit from slowing down a bit. Words can serve as powerful reminders to help us stay on track. In other words, get the word out and let it be your guide.

Grab a pen and paper and jot some down.

Some words we embrace at The Toothery:



Customer satisfaction

Then write a brief description as to the word’s importance in your life. It is best to do as little thinking as possible. Write what comes to mind.

Integrity – being honest, truthful and working from the heart, words and actions being one in the same

Connection – being empathetic, listening, being present and caring

Customer satisfaction – doing our best, supporting others, feeling good

This is a great activity for groups, even business to do with employees to develop a closer team and establish goals.

What would be your word or words for the day? What does this word mean to you?